Active vs Archived Sitemaps

Active sitemaps are created when you create a new sitemap, or import an existing sitemap using our csv, xml or web crawler import methods.

When a sitemap is active, you and your team, as well as any external collaborators can view and edit this sitemap, and it will appear in your list of sitemaps when in the active sitemaps page within the app –

If you are in your personal user account, you can only have one active sitemap at a time. If you wish to create another sitemap, you have to permanently delete this sitemap in order to create another one.


Archived sitemaps are a feature of our paid organization accounts, across all plans.

If you choose to delete a sitemap in an organization account, we will archive this sitemap, and you can restore it anytime within 30 days at

When a sitemap is archived, you, your team or any external collaborators that we invited to to the sitemap, will not be able to access it, until you restore the sitemap.

Once a sitemap has been restored, it will remain identical to the time before it was archived, including any external collaborators that had been invited to the sitemap.