Adding users to your organization account

If you are subscribed to our Team or Agency plan, you can add members of your team as a user in your organization account.


When adding a user to your organization account, you can assign two different level of access – user access and admin access.


A organization member with admin access can:

  • Change the organization details, such as name and website
  • Add other users to the organization account
  • Upgrade or downgrade the subscription plan
  • Modify billing details
  • Cancel the subscription and close the account
  • As well as everything in the below user access list

An organization member with user access can:

  • Create / edit / archive / restore sitemaps
  • Add external collaborators to sitemaps
  • Create / edit / delete projects


We recommend giving most members of your organization user access, while keeping organization members with admin access to only a couple of your team for added security.

Admin users can change the access level of other users of their organization at anytime in the app, by going to