Creating a new User Flow


To navigate to the user flows section within your sitemap, select 'User Flows' in the left hand side of the toolbar.



Creating a User Flow for the first time


If you have not created any user flows for this sitemap yet, you will be taken to the New User Flows page, as shown below:



Enter the name of your new user flow in the input, and click 'Create User Flow' to create your new user flow.


Once the user flow has been created, you will be redirected to the canvas to start building!


Creating another User Flow


If you have already have user flows in your sitemap, use the user flows dropdown in the toolbar, and click 'Add User Flow' to navigate to the 'New User Flows' page, and follow the steps outlined above:



User Flow Limits


In a free personal sitemap, you are allowed to create one user flow. If you try and create more than one user flow in a sitemap, you will be prompted to upgrade to a paid organization account.


If you have a paid subscription for an organization account, an unlimited number of user flows can be created in any sitemap in your account.


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