How to manage page covers

If you choose to show the page covers in the visual sitemaps tool, you can change the cover by hovering over the page and clicking the open folder icon:



This will open a side drawer where you can change the cover using one of the following methods:

  • Choosing one of our 250+ page wireframes
  • Capturing a full-page screenshot of an existing website
  • Uploading an image (usually an existing page design)

Bonus – You can toggle between different device views to show screenshots/custom images for desktop, tablet and mobile screens, all on the same page! Look for the ‘devices’ section in the toolbar.

Choosing a wireframe

The first view in the covers panel of the side drawer is the wireframes view:



Choose one of the wireframe designs here to change the cover for this page.

Clicking ‘set default’ before selecting a wireframe will change this wireframe to be the default for all new pages, and all existing pages that haven’t had a separate wireframe selected for them yet.

Adding custom covers

In the 'Screenshot' & 'Upload' sections, you can either capture a full-page screenshot of an existing webpage, or upload designs of your own.



Capturing full-page screenshots

Enter the URL of the website page you want to capture, sit back and wait for us to do the hard work – (average capture time is 10 seconds). We'll also do our best to remove any popups/modals/cookie policies etc.

You don’t have to wait for us to finish capturing one page to start another – save time and start capturing other pages – they will all run in parallel, even when you leave the sitemap!


Screenshot not loading correctly?

If you are seeing missing sections in your screenshots, this likely due to your website lazy loading these images, so they appear when a user scrolls to them in the webpage.

We can capture these also! Check 'Lazy Load' underneath the main input. We'll remember your preference for this sitemap for all future captures.

Please note that accounting for lazy loading images will increase the screenshot capture time by up to 30 or more seconds.


Need to hide more elements?

On occasion, we are unable to remove popups/modals etc from your web-page before capturing. Under 'Advanced', we provide the option to hide multiple elements, by providing the CSS selectors for the elements you want to hide, separated by commas.

We'll remember your preference for this sitemap for all future captures.


Uploading your own designs

Simply drag and drop your file, or click to select your file using the browser upload tool. Files must be .jpg/.png, and be under 5mb.


Deleting custom covers

To delete a pages custom cover, open the side drawer by hovering over the page and clicking the open folder icon, and you should be presented with the below screen with your custom cover:



Click the delete button, and in a few seconds the image will be deleted and you will be shown the usual custom covers screen, where you can capture another full-page screenshot or upload another of your designs.