Personal vs Organization Accounts


Personal user accounts are created for every user when they first sign up to Rarchy.

This allows you to try our product for free, with limitations, to assess whether Rarchy suits your needs.


An organization account is created when a user decides to subscribe to one of our paid plans, and comes with the following account-related benefits:

  • Users can be added to an organization account and given different levels of access (dependent on plan).
  • Multiple projects can be created within your organization account – this is helpful for agencies who need to group clients with their internal teams, as one example.
  • Collaborators can be added to sitemaps – this allows you to collaborate on sitemaps without having to add an outside member of your team to your organization account (e.g an agency partner).

During the subscription process, you will be asked to provide a company name & website – this is used to name your organization account and website, which can be changed inside the app at any time.

Why have two different types of accounts?

Keeping organization accounts separate to personal user accounts has the following benefits:

  • Users can belong to multiple organization accounts, e.g multiple branches if you work in real-estate or banking, or a freelance contractor working with many different companies
  • No need to transfer ownership of the organization account if the creator of the account moves on from the business
  • If you, or a member of your time decide to cancel your subscription, your personal account still remains active.